The mask
How does it work?

The mask:

  • moisturizes
  • tones up
  • increases skin elasticity
  • eliminates fine wrinkles
  • improves complexion
  • normalizes water balance in superficial and deep skin layers
  • promotes collagen and elastin production
  • strengthens intercellular communication
  • makes skin soft and tight
  • stimulates cell growth

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid forms a protective layer on the outside of the skin which maintains natural skin moisture without impairing gas exchange. It is highly compatible with our skin and does not cause any allergic reactions or irritation. Therefore, a HA layer enables our skin to recuperate faster without scarring. This is crucial for acne treatment and after UV exposure.
What is more, the HA layer on the outside of the skin helps to prolong the effect of the bioactive compounds contained in HA Essence Mask and HA Moisturizing Mask and thus enhances their effectiveness. In high humidity, hyaluronic acid is able to absorb moisture from the air. In this way, the amount of free water in the horn layer increases while water evaporation from the skin surface decreases.

Micro-molecules* of low molecular weight HA are able to penetrate deeper skin layers. They promote natural collagen and elastin creation and improves cell nutrition and blood supply. This allows for ultimate moisturizing and wrinkles elimination. As a result, skin thickness increases and the complexion improves.

* Micromolecules of low weight HA are low weight HA molecules subjected to hydrolysis